COVID-19… Precautions When Visiting PriorityVet

Rest assured, PriorityVet will remain open for normal business hours during the Coronavirus Pandemic, unless ordered to close by state or federal government. In an effort to keep our clients and staff as as safe as possible, please be aware of the following visit protocols and

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Feline Heart Disease

If your cat is experiencing breathing difficulty or sudden inability to walk, seek veterinary attention immediately. BackgroundHeart disease in cats is very different from that in dogs. Cats typically suffer from heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy). Dogs more often have valvular disease. In many cats, no changes

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After-Hours Urgent Care for Dogs and Cats

Diets and Heart Disease

*Any pet owner noticing signs of heart problems – such as: coughing, breathing changes, irregular heartbeat, or exercise intolerance –  or having any concerns about their pet should contact their primary veterinarian, or PriorityVet after-hours, at their earliest convenience for a thorough evaluation.* Please read the

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Animal Rescue Organizations

Rescues really do make the best pets, but do you know the facts about rescue organizations? What is a Rescue? Animal rescue organization is defined by the state of New Jersey as “an individual or group of individuals who, with or without salary or compensation, house and

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