Immediate relief for pet injuries.

Get Your Pet on the Road to Recovery

If your pet suffers an injury, it can quickly become complicated, so don’t wait to seek treatment. At PriorityVet, we provide efficient, comforting care for your injured pet.

We Treat Pets Who Have Experienced:

Important Guidelines To Follow If Your Pet Is Injured:

Follow these important steps to get your injured pet back on the road to health:


Have an emergency plan in place. Know where to go and how to get there when the unexpected occurs after-hours or in an unfamiliar place.

Stay Calm

Don’t panic and remain calm. Seek help.

Be Careful

Even the nicest pets can bite or scratch when they’re scared or in pain. Wrap your pet in a large towel or blanket, or place in a carrier for safe transport.

Gentle Pressure

If possible, attempt to apply gentle pressure to any actively bleeding wound.

Use Caution

Always obey traffic laws and be respectful of human life while getting your pet to emergency care as quickly as possible.


Take your pet to PriorityVet so that a qualified veterinarian can help.

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