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New Jersey's Premier After-Hours
Urgent Care for Dogs and Cats.

New Jersey's Premier After-Hours Urgent Care for Dogs and Cats.

Conveniently located 
in Toms River and Howell.

After-Hours Urgent Care for Dogs and Cats

Visit PriorityVet for After Hours Urgent Pet Care

PriorityVet is an after-hours veterinary facility that provides urgent care services for your pet during a time when your regular veterinarian may be unavailable. Modeled after human urgent care, PriorityVet is unlike typical veterinary emergency hospitals with potentially longer wait times and reportedly higher fees. PriorityVet serves Ocean and Monmouth Counties with two centrally-located, after-hours hospitals that has proven to be a convenient and time-saving alternative for urgent after-hours pet care.

By Appointment

We offer after-hours and weekend care for your sick pet – Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

October 9,2023

In our continued effort to optimize the urgent care we provide for our valued clients we are expanding our hours of operation in both our Toms River and Howell locations.

Our new hours are from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM – 7 DAYS A WEEK.

When You Arrive...

Upon arrival, please press the white button on the intercom at the front door. One of our team members will greet you and your pet at the door, escort you into an exam room and get you checked in.

We know your pet is a cherished family member and while all family members may want to be present for the visit, our exam rooms will only accommodate two (2) adult family members. Please plan accordingly.



2 PM - 10 PM


2 PM - 10 PM


2 PM - 10 PM


2 PM - 10 PM


2 PM - 10 PM

Saturday & Sunday

2 PM - 10 PM

Now Open 7 Days in Howell!

PriorityVet is pleased to announce that our second location in Howell, NJ is NOW OPEN 7 DAYS!
Hours for both our Howell and Toms River locations
are from 2PM to 10PM NIGHTLY

Our Promise

We promise to listen, offer exceptional medical advice and to treat your pet like one of our own.
Our goal is to offer you these services at affordable prices so no pet ever goes untreated.


At PriorityVet, we only hire experienced veterinarians and highly qualified staff. From all walks of life and backgrounds, combined with a requisite love of animals, each hand-picked team member provides a unique contribution to the care of your pets.


You never know when your pet is going to fall ill or suffer an injury. If your dog or cat needs veterinary care any weekday or weekend evening, you can rely on PriorityVet when your regular veterinarian may be unavailable.


Don’t allow cost concerns alone cause you to hesitate seeking treatment for your sick dog or cat.We offer custom-tailored diagnostics and treatment plans to fit every budget, and we always obtain your consent for care before it is provided.

Problems We Treat

We provide a thorough physical examination and evaluation by an experienced veterinarian.

Is your pet experiencing changes in behavior, weight, appetite, drinking or elimination habits? These changes may indicate a serious problem. Don’t take chances with your pet’s health. Bring your dog or cat to PriorityVet to have them evaluated by an experienced veterinarian.

Our experienced veterinarians and staff treat minor wounds and all types of injuries. If your pet suffers an injury, it can quickly become complicated, so don’t wait to seek treatment. PriorityVet will provide outstanding care for your injured pet.

It can be scary when your pet’s breathing pattern changes. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you notice these changes. They could indicate an emergency situation. PriorityVet is prepared to treat a wide range of breathing
problems that your pet could experience.

It’s important to seek treatment early for skin and ear problems so your pet’s condition doesn’t worsen. Some animal skin problems can be transmitted to humans, so let the veterinarians at PriorityVet diagnose and treat your pet.

Open Nightly, 7 Days a Week

Why Choose us?

When your pet shows symptoms of illness or suffers an injury, you can feel comfortable bringing them to
PriorityVet for expert and compassionate veterinary services.

Our experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate veterinarians and staff are available for your pet's needs.

We are a local, outpatient facility eliminating the need to travel to a 24-hour referral hospital.

We offer custom tailored diagnostics and treatment plans to fit every budget.

We provide life-saving interventions prior to referral for continued care when necessary.

The Benefits of After-Hours Urgent Care for Your Pets

vs 24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospitals

24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospitals are life saving facilities. But if your pet’s condition is less than critical, be prepared for long wait times and reportedly higher fees. An alternative for faster, nearby care for your pet is AFTER-HOURS URGENT CARE provided by PriorityVet. People have access to urgent care… and now your pets do too!

What People Are Saying

Real testimonials from Real PriorityVet Clients

Priority Vet_Melissa_Pape-01

“My cat had been coughing for 3 days and I just noticed his labored breathing. Knowing cats present symptoms late in an illness I was so distraught. I called 2 vets before this one and one told me it would be a 3 hour wait! I called this vet and right from the beginning they were so nice! Thankfully they are only 10 minutes away and they were waiting for me at the door to take my cat and I into a room. They were so wonderful with my cat and although he is very calm I was a little nervous on how he would react to a new vet and they made him feel so comfortable! They loved him, cared for him as I would, and were so wonderful in general. Any emergency vet will be a bit more expensive than a vet with normal hours but this vet was actually pretty reasonable and really worked with me and my cat. Turns out he has asthma! After a few injections and steroids to go home with he’s doing great right now. Thank you all so much for the wonderful experience and care right from the start! I would recommend this emergency vet to everyone!”

Melissa Pape

Toms River, NJ